Love and Hate and Vote

Its strange the world we live in today in America. I never thought I would hear the hatred towards Christians as I hear today. Spiritual warfare has intensified and there is no turning back until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The world will tell you that the problem with our country is white Christians. Its really Jesus the world hates. And they hate us no matter what color we are. He told us that the world hated him before they hated us (John 15:18). For me personally I put Jesus first in all my decisions. I am hispanic and conservative and the world hates me because of my faith. I am blessed to be a remnant. A small population of people who put God first. There are people who feel that by going to church and reading there bible is all they need to be in Gods graces. The Lord will measure us by our actions. Satan has taken over the radical left. He has entered the Democratic party just like he entered Judas before Judas handed Jesus over to the Romans. When Barack Obama became president, true evangelical christians did not display hate or violence towards him because his policies were against God. Our action was through prayer. We prayed for his heart to change. We relied on God to get us through these times of radical left policies, and we did through him. The godless left uses hate and violence to garner change. They have increased their pressure of hate towards us christians. We, as christians must stand firm and strong against the devil and use the full armor of God against the devils wiles( Eph 6:11). We as christians, when united, are a large force that cannot be beat. We can beat the devil with Gods help. And one of Gods powers we can use to defeat the devil, is to vote. Set aside your race and political party and vote. Vote for God. Take a stand. Just remember God is watching and feel confident that when you are before God and the judgement seat you did all you could to support our Lord. Remember not that many people from this earth is going to heaven (Matt 7:13,14). Heaven is not going to be that crowded. Stand up for God. Be that remnant on earth supporting our Lord so you can walk among the few on that narrow road. We are not of this world as Jesus tells us ( John 17:14). We are citizens of heaven (Phi 3:20). America please vote Nov 6.


“Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation...”

Psalm 25:5 (NKJV)

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